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Xcēd Lobby Design

"We take pride in the work we’ve done in and around the city of Chicago, but we are not always the only partner in some of the creations."

Xcēd Lobby Design

First impressions. You only get one.

Lobbies are no longer just an entrance to the building. They are a chance to convey a first impression and to give a feel for the space as a whole.

In some buildings, lobbies are renovated into usable space, serving as common areas or waiting places. Others have amenities like coffee bars, and some have become gathering places for special events. 

Xcēd Design Build designs spaces that pop. We've been renovating corporate and residential lobbies in Chicago for over 30 years.

Innovative, Creative. Xcēd Design

Lobbies offer our interior designers an opportunity to create communal spaces: a place where all tenants pass and their first feeling of being home. 

Lobby renovation starts by exploring functionality. How will residents and visitors use it? 

We'll examine traffic flow, create suitable seating areas, and ensure that the lobby is easily accessible to all.

We'll work with management and tenant input to understand their needs and desires for the lobby renovation. We'll consider the building's overall aesthetic and create a lobby design that is consistent with the building's architecture and style.

We'll plan for durability and accessibility, lighting and acoustics. 

We'll design a lobby whose first impression will present a cohesive and relevant expression of the building and its tenants. 

Building the Vision, Exceeding Expectations

Lobby renovations require special considerations. 

A multi-tenant building lobby will require minimal disruption during the construction phase as the need for traffic flow and access to elevators and stairwells will remain. 

We'll work closely with building management to ensure proper safety and security protocols are followed during construction. 

Our builders and craftsmen have the skills and experience to deliver the lobby your building deserves. And our designers will work throughout the renovation to ensure no details are missed. 

For creative spaces with unique and innovative features to engage both tenants and visitors alike, trust Xcēd to be your partner. 



One Step At A Time

Creating and designing is not an end, it’s the means. We understand renovations inside and out and will continue to work hard through every phase of development and construction, guiding you to complete satisfaction.

Customer-Centric Approach

When our clients win, we win. We are dedicated to serving our clients and building a strong relationship together. Customer service is not just a department for us, it’s our philosophy.

Your Satisfaction

Working with us means you’re working with professionals — certified designers and craftsmen who have the experience needed to not only complete your project but exceed your hopes and dreams for it.


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