Space: the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move.  What a great definition! Recently this word has held a lot more meaning than ever before. Design Build is a “luxury service”, and a profession that can be difficult to maintain with a struggling economy. So recently we’ve been asking ourselves, how do we keep things moving in times like these? And how can we take this experience and come out of it stronger and better than before? Well…

Think about it for a minute…  Space!

Space is the bathroom you walk into when you wake, and get ready for the day; the car you drive, singing unforgivingly to the radio or listening to the latest on NPR; and it’s the school you drop your kids off to for another day of learning and growing.

Think about the office where you surround yourself with passionate professionals, and the store you walk through following lists of wants and needs before you get home. Space is the gym you go to for that moment of kinesthetic awareness and personal conditioning; the kitchen you host your family in, looking into eyes of love, for connection and support over a warm meal. And of course, it’s the bedroom you turn to at the  end of the day to rest your head.

Space: Within which all things exist and move. 

Today, our world is facing one of the most challenging social scenarios we’ve ever faced. We are encouraged, and somewhat forced into isolation. Feelings and thoughts are everywhere,  and we can all agree, often overwhelming. The spaces we wake up in, are now also the spaces we work in, teach in, shop in, work out in, cook in, clean in, sleep in and wake up in, again. 

Space, something often thought of as what surrounds us, is actually… within us. Holding space for ourselves and space for others is the greatest element of all. Especially in times like these. It can also be one of life’s most difficult challenges.  Holding space. There is so much we want to do, so much to see, to experience, and to learn. The Space within us all is where the magic is. Where we create. Where we connect. Where we truly hear each other.  

To hold space for ourselves, our clients and our business partners in a time like this is critical. At Xcēd, we care deeply about your space. Even more than before, and with a greater sense of purpose. We are changing our processes to fit the health necessities for both you, your family and ourselves. We’ve found that what we are creating around us and what develops within as we grow our relationship with you, is more precious than ever.

Each amazing virtual conversation and creative development, leads to yet another discovery of who you are, who we are and who we are together. With each project we build, we turn those heart-filled conversations, the little creative time capsules,  into tangible and memorable spaces, detailed out as elements of you! Taking the space we hold together, and creating visionary-filled environments together. 

So… if you find yourself looking around your home, your office, your bathroom, and want to talk about it, or… talk about anything for that matter. Give us a call! We’re always willing to hold space with you.  

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