The first assignment we were given in the design phase for this project was “a kitchen big enough to serve 100 people for holidays”.  Though we thought it was a joke, you can bet they brought it up over an over.  

This broad greatroom came alive with an open floorplan, created from what was once four small rooms, and the grounding elegance of the continued natural oak floors throughout.  We reinforced the structure through the attic, to prevent from any exposure and ended the build out with a 13 foot island, for the greatest hosts on the block. 

These clients chose to continue with our in-house design team to select all the furniture, finishes, decor and drapery for the room.  We organized all purchases and deliveries alongside the construction schedule to give them a home to love and live in, immediately after construction was complete.  The colors came alive in the room, which compliments the personalities of loving, vibrant family. 

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