We’ve come across many projects where the schedule is important, however, for these first-time homeowners, the deadline was a new challenge for Xcēd.  Together, we jumped into the re-design of all three bathrooms for this multi-level townhouse, guided by the young urban professionals’ style.  Each space had it’s own individual aesthetic, associated to the space adjacent to the room.

The industrial-design inspired first level bathroom, right outside the client’s entertainment room, contains masculine elements within the vanity, hardware and plumbing fixtures.  The bold and bright guest bathroom, supported by the stylish hexagon floor tile, feels like a breath of fresh air for any guest who might enter the space.  And of course, the elegant master bathroom with custom vanity and towel stand, sitting gracefully in front of the classic Calcutta porcelain tile, guides the daily preparation for these young urban professionals.

While each bathroom did not have large square footage, the delivery and organization between each floor was key.  The challenging deadline was proudly delivered.  Another success for our design-build team.

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