What do you do in the middle of a pandemic?  The boss’s house.  What was once an antiqued, divided space with gold oak trim and a very small kitchen became a grand hosting space for family and friends.  The kitchen, designed by the Xced Studio team, features an extra long 14’ island with intricate millwork to display his formal glassware.  Our millwork team included every feature you could imagine within the cabinets, including touch release, dividers, wine storage and pantry pull outs.  The see-through boulevard, ventless fireplace was not only a great add aesthetically, but provides great heat and a romantic ambiance, especially next to the round turret, custom built-in with lush pillows.  

To top off the project; a warmly, masculine bathroom with seamless floor transition into the shower and intricately informed vanity and medicine cabinet to hold all the daily essentials.

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