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Xcēd Office Design

"If you are looking for class, sophistication and something new and vibrant — or just simply a change from what you’ve been living with — we can help you."

Xcēd Office Design

Designing the Ideal Workspace for Your Company

When it comes to office interior design, a number of factors must be considered in order to create the ultimate space for your company.

Our job? To Improve how work is done and make your workspace more efficient and inviting. We strive to create a space that accommodates your style, work habits and environment while aligning with your company's values, mission and identity. 

Office Design, A Cultural Affair 

After surveying the site, we'll spend time with you and your teams to discuss your company's culture, brand, space requirements and budget. 

We'll develop an efficient space plan, including the office design layout, furniture, and office equipment, but also accounts for things like noise constraints and coworking spaces. 

From there, we'll provide a design concept that reflects the company's brand, culture and other objectives. In this phase, we'll begin selecting materials, finishes, colors and furniture to help complete the overall aesthetic. 

With refinement, we'll develop a final blueprint for construction.

Better Planning, Better Results

At Xcēd, our team of experts design, build and implement the most inspired office interiors in Chicago. We're one team working together to exceed your expectations. 

Our project managers will create a detailed construction plan that includes a project schedule, logistics and quality control. Our design team will remain on the project throughout the build phase to ensure the final product matches the inspiration of the design. 

Once construction begins, we'll tackle everything from demolition, framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and finishes. 

Our Commitment to Your Space

We're dedicated to crafting a space to accommodate your style, work habits, and environment and provide comfortable and productive surroundings for your employees and clients.

We are committed to designing office interiors that are healthy work environments.

For work or home, Xcēd Design Build is your partner.



One Step At A Time

Creating and designing is not an end, it’s the means. We understand renovations inside and out and will continue to work hard through every phase of development and construction, guiding you to complete satisfaction.

Customer-Centric Approach

When our clients win, we win. We are dedicated to serving our clients and building a strong relationship together. Customer service is not just a department for us, it’s our philosophy.

Your Satisfaction

Working with us means you’re working with professionals — certified designers and craftsmen who have the experience needed to not only complete your project but exceed your hopes and dreams for it.


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