This 2400sf condo already had the stunning views.  Our job? to honor the interiors with as much grace as seen through their 59th floor to ceiling windows.  Entering the unit, you’re welcomed by the client’s gorgeous art work, admired by the new millwork-wrapped hallway and organically placed porcelain tile.  Following down the hallway, grab yourself a cocktail at the hallway bar and step into the living room of your dreams. The asymmetrical fireplace, laced with porcelain slab, rift oak millwork and varied sizes of glass inserts completes an overall statement with the structural quartz valance; designed to hox the eye to follow it right off the edge and out the grand windows.  What else do you need, but a small pocket light to sit on the built-in bench and enjoy a good book as the clouds pass by.  

The featured Caesarstone quartz at the fireplace was also selected to encompass the kitchen island and peninsula, making yet another statement against the newly painted cabinets and matching glass backsplash.  But we didn’t stop there.  What was once considered a guest bedroom, is now a multi-use space.  The newly designed work station and closet was approved for the work/life balance of hosting, working and entertaining.  Our team prides themselves on designing with aesthetic intent and functional purpose.  This condo is a perfect example of how our thoughts can become a tangible reality

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